Overall Well-Being: Diet and Excercise

Gasoline is to engine and the food is to your body!  Absolutely, everything that you eat will affect every aspect of your life. Fueling yourself with healthy and nutritious foods will make your body healthy and strong while in taking unhealthy foods will surely affect every system of your body. That is, food is everything in our body. Your body will tell what exact diet you are into.

Your Physical Well-Being

Our level of performance, agility, strength, endurance, coordination and speed can be powered up by the foods that we eat.  Your diet will determine how you can effectively perform every physical activity, including your exercise, job, homework, and your family interaction.


Eating healthy foods enable your body to move with ease and at  its maximum potentials while eating unhealthy foods will make your body strained, filled with stress and may cause body pains.

Your Mental Health

The food that you eat is the source of the power of your brain!  It has always relationship your mental and emotional health stability. If you eat healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, your learning and memory skills will be sharp. It also reduces the risk of having Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and other mental illnesses. , According to an American Psychologist way back 2011, reducing calorie intake can be a protection against any Neuro- related problems or diseases.

Your Relationship

Your diet does not only keep you mentally and physically healthy. It also keeps your relationship vibrant. When you look healthy, you will feel good; and you will have the self – confidence and high self-esteem.  An unhealthy diet will lead to obesity and illnesses that prevent you from socializing.

Your Behavior

According to research, eating unhealthy foods will lead to negative behavioral patterns because of the depression, aggression, and pains from the diseases that the body feels. On the contrast, those who eats healthy foods are happy, relaxed and calm.

Overall, your daily habit for diet is very important because it holistically affects every system of the body. When conscious about it, it could make a difference to your entire life.