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woman holding a glass full of yoghurt
Healthy Eating for a Healthy Lifestyle
Everywhere we look in our society, we will see foods that corrupt our minds and bodies. We aim to help you realise the importance of taking care of yourself through food, and how the things we consume impact our lives.
man sitting on rock meditating
Unstand Peace and Wellness with Meditation
In our busy and chaotic world, sometimes we need to step away from our own thoughts. Through our comprehensive meditation program, your mind will free itself from its own constraints.
Woman doing yoga
Yoga for the Body to Settle the Mind
At i55Health, we offer a comprehensive range of Yoga classes. Not only do we aim to strengthen your body, but to enrich the mind through programs that highlight the importance of balance.
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Meet our team, who are energetic, dedicated and experienced beauty & fitness mentors.

Jamie Hofstadter

Jamie has gained over 5 years of experience in being a fitness instructor, and well as competing professionally in boxing.

Annie Hofstadter

Annie started her Yoga journey when she was only 15. Now she is the founder of a well known Youtube channel which provides yoga instruction for all levels.

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