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Healthy Eating for a Healthy Lifestyle Classes

woman holding a glass full of yoghurt
Lose Weight without Losing Your Life
Losing weight is a menacing task for some of us, when it shouldn't be. This class will take you through the complexities of weight loss, and how it can be made simpler - all through the instruction of our experienced Dieticians.
woman eating
Looking at Food as a Friend - Not an Enemy
Many people in our society look at food as an enemy, rather than a nourishing friend. Oftentimes this is as a result of outside influences. This class aims to highlight the why's and how's of these thought processes, and how we can work towards a positive outlook through meditation.
Eating Cheap in an Expensive World
With assistance from highly acclaimed chef Theresa May, we provide an in-depth class on how one can eat cheaply, and healthily, in an expensive world.

Understand Peace and Wellness with Meditation

Mindfullness for the Busy Lifestyle
When we are busy, we sometimes forgot the importance of self-reflection - as it is often put to the side as 'low priority'. This class will instruct you on how to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into your busy lifestyle, and how it can help your overall performance.
man sitting on rock meditating
Mindfullness to Combat Depression and Anxiety
Mindfulness and Mediation and heavily overlooked tools to combat depression and anxiety. In fact, many Academics have proven it. This class will teach you how to influence your own destructive thoughts with the gentle touch of mindfulness, and how it can help you overcome your struggles.
Meditation Basics for the Beginner
When one is first starting out with meditation, it can often be difficult to know where to start. This class will provide you with the assistance you need to start meditating more effectively, so you can start your journey to enlightenment sooner!

Yoga for the Body to Settle the Mind

Barre Yoga for a Unique Exercise Experience
Our Barre yoga classes are a unique blend of yoga, pilates and dance. Not only will we assist you to tone your legs, flutes, core, and arms - our Barre yoga classes can help cardiovascular health.
Sculpt Yoga
As a slightly more experienced yoga class, we will instruct and inform you on how you can sculpt and tone your body through various intense stretches.
Woman doing yoga
Yoga and Meditation - the Conjoined Experience
As a beginner class, our Yoga and Meditation class will conjoin both exercise and mindful you create a uniquely harmonious experience. You will be able to learn both the basics of meditation and yoga, but also will walk out of the class with an enriched mindset.


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