plant being pulled out of the ground

4 Mental Health Benefits of Gardening and Landscaping

Most people understand the benefits of spending time outside, but some may not realise the benefits of gardening and landscaping for mental health. 

By taking care of your own property outside, just as you would take a walk or undergo exercise, studies have shown that spending time outside – in any form – is good for our bodies and our minds. Gardening is a great way to do this, but if you’d rather go for a long walk and hire the services of a reliable gardening and landscaping contractor, that’s another good option.

Did you know that gardening is a great way to spend time outdoors? Many find it relaxing and there are proven benefits too, which can impact on other areas of our lives. Let’s uncover four major benefits this can bring.

  1. Making Connections

Gardening can be a great way to connect with others who share our interest, which further boosts our happiness. Whether with friends, family, neighbours or online communities, gardening can bond us in our shared interest. When we share our experiences with others, it’s a great feeling. 

Meeting and chatting online with other gardeners to share tips creates an emotional connection, sometimes leading to feel more connected with our garden and plants as well. When you nurture your plants or lawn and reap the benefits of seeing them flourish, it’s a great and satisfying feeling. 

  1. Physical Exercise

Since gardening and landscaping is both a mental and physical activity, your body benefits from this low-impact, low stress and relaxing form of exercise. Over a whole morning or afternoon, you could burn hundreds or even thousands of calories based on your level of exertion. It’s also an effective way to boost mood and lower anxiety. 

Gardening offers ample opportunities for physical activity and mental activity which diminishes depression. Arguably, gardening offers many varied forms of physical movement which could be more enjoyable compared to structured and repetitive exercise. 

  1.  Relieving Stress

Being mentally, emotionally, and physically engrossed in the garden can be a great way to relieve stress. There’s something about switching off from the world for a while, feeling the warmth of the sun, and the soil in your hands. Try to appreciate being in your garden and experience the sights and smells, and a break from your normal routine.

  1.  A Sense of Inner Calm

It’s no surprise that gardening enthusiasts become obsessed, since it’s very addictive! One of the biggest appeals is a genuine sense of inner calm and peace. So, whether you work in a busy job, you’re young, retired, and with or without kids, take a break and give yourself a chance to find a place of inner quiet. It’s a great investment in yourself, and your garden too. For expert tips, advice or to learn from the pros and book professional gardening and landscaping, speak to the friendly team at Mathiou Services Australia.