Which Vapes are Better: Disposable or Rechargeable?

Is it your first time to using vapes? Have you heard of disposable vapers? Maybe you want to switch from using rechargeable ones? Or confused between the cigar, pen, pipes and box or pod designs?

Whether you’re a seasoned e-vaper or a rookie to this, here’s a comparison of the disposable vapes versus the rechargeable vapes to help you find out what’s right and works for you!

Rechargeable Vapes

Rechargeable e-cigarettes or vapes were classified as third generation e-cigarette. There’s a battery, a heating element and a place to hold the liquid. The batteries are often very large and can be recharged via USB-supported chargers or replaceable batteries if you’re outside. It has a refillable cartomizer where you can change the nicotine strength or try new flavors, depending on your mood. Thus, it has more flavors, variety of options, simple and intuitive to use. Though it may have higher initial cost, it is also good for long-term use, just make sure you have time to clean it and keep track of its parts. So if you want a little bit of commitment and more value, a rechargeable e-cigarette is the perfect alternative for you. 

Disposable Vapes

A disposable vape is just like regular smoking where it is thrown off after single-use, or whenever the pre-filled liquid runs out. If you’re more of the on the go type, or just want maintenance-free and convenient vaping, then disposable vape is for you. It is for anyone looking for immediate nicotine satisfaction and basically the easiest way to begin vaping. It is small, pocketable and is designed to have a familiar look and feel to smokers.

One disposable vape lasts as long as a full pack of traditional cigarettes and costs only a few dollars more. Yes, one disposable vape equals a full pack of cigarettes. Just simply remove the device from its packaging and start puffing.

It is individually wrapped, simple to use, convenient, has color and flavor options, no commitment because there’s no need to recharge, refill or clean, no complicated menus and no moving parts such as replaceable batteries and buttons. However, unlike rechargeable e-cigarettes, you cannot control or change the nicotine strength. If you want stronger or lighter nicotine strength, you need to purchase a new one. There are also fewer options for disposable vapes than the rechargeable ones. 

A lot of people have proven to acquire benefits in using e-cigarettes and lots of users now are the youth due to the variety of flavors and colors. And it is certainly less lethal than conventional cigarettes.

Whether you’ll decide to use caliburn disposable pods, rechargeable vapes or both, it is also important to note the restrictions and taxes in your state. Cost is a big factor in choosing the right vape for you. While most or any of the e-cigarettes will initially cost more than the traditional cigarettes, the benefits and options you have will make it an easier decision to switch from traditional smoking.