woman sleeping on a multicoloured pillow

Why is Sleep Important? Health Benefits of Proper Rest

In this very busy world, proper sleep often is neglected. Among the major contributors that keep us awake are modern gadgets, technological advancements, and late night activities. With these, the real importance of sleep is oftentimes neglected.

Scientists have carefully studied the relevance of sleep to a human being.  As a result, they discovered that it plays a critical role in our metabolism, learning, memory, immune system and to all other body systems. However, it has also been found that too little or too much can also have negative impacts.

If you are a workaholic and you love to spend your day consumed with many activities, or you are depriving your body with proper rest; it is beneficial to understand the importance of proper rest. Among the health benefits of sleep are the following:

  • Sleep makes our body repair itself. When you are asleep your body produces protein molecules that strengthen your body to fight against infection. These molecules also help the immune system to repair the infected parts of the body. No wonder your doctors will recommend you to get plenty of rest when you are sick.
  • It keeps the heart healthy. If regular exercise can make your heart healthy, so can sleep. Your cardiovascular system is under pressure to fight inflammation and disease. When you rest your heart begins to normalise its pressure.
  • Sleep can reduce stress. You can observe that people who are sleep deprived are easily irritated and are prone to stress. Good rest helps lower blood pressure and regulates stress hormones.
  • It improves learning and memory. According to research, people who are deprived sleep could not concentrate and it led to memory problems. Sleeping well relaxes your brain. It also organizes and correlates memories while you’re asleep.

Remember, your health is your wealth! No amount of money can match your health. A proper rest is designed to keep our body system healthy and in good condition.