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Mending Physical Health Through Personal Training

Do you have a chronic ailment? Like, joint pain, back pain, asthma, diabetes or heart disease. Your doctor must have requested you start exercise with a strict regimen. Or, maybe you have crossed forty. You may need a healthy fitness regime structured by a personal trainer. What better reason hit a gym near you.

Exercise helps you?

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Regulate Body Weight

Regular physical activity controls your body weight and prevents obesity. The reason is that you burn your calories and excess fat while exercising. Working out more at the gym will let you burn more calories.

Boost Energy

Visits to the gym improves your muscles. The more you exercise, it sends more oxygen and nutrients to your tissues. The health of your heart and lungs improve. You now have more energy to go back to your daily life.

Physical activity at the gym makes you feel happy and relaxed. It stimulates more chemicals in your brain and smoothens your nerves

Helps skin health

Regularly visiting the gym increases the production of natural antioxidants in your body. Reduction in antioxidants can result in free radicals damaging your skin.  Moreover, exercising can induce skin cell adaptations that delay skin ageing. Improves brain function. As you exercise, your heart rate increases. In turn, more blood flows to your brain, which stimulates the formation of hormones that ensures the brain cells grow. Exercise improves your memory as the hippocampus grows. Exercise also prevents critical diseases like schizophrenia and Parkinson’s disease.

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Combat Health Conditions

Pain and arthritis

Exercising can improve muscle function in your back. You can request your gym instructor to focus on back muscle exercises. Your gym personal training Melbourne can show you some exercise that may help by strengthening your spine muscles.

Regular visits to the gym can reduce pain and maintain muscle strength in the joints. It can also improve physical function and quality of life for people who have arthritis.

Heart disease

Battling heart disease? High on cholesterol? You need to reduce harmful triglycerides. Studies have shown that exercising can improve the state of your heart.

People suffering from high blood pressure have also shown significant improvement through exercising. Diabetes. Regular visits to the local gym can effectively help lower the blood sugar levels in your body. Your body weight can be controlled. Even if you have type 2 diabetes, exercise reduces your risk of heart disease.


For people who are battling cancer, frequent exercising improves the quality of life and improves their fitness.


Cognition is improved in people with dementia. People who are active regularly are at less risk of dementia.

young woman instructing an elder woman on how to do yoga

Which exercises are safe?

You should first discuss with your physician about your exercise regimen. Inform your physician about all your ailments, if any, and the medication you are on. Accordingly, your physician may restrict any form of exercises that may be harmful to you. You can take these recommendations and meet the physical trainer who can finalize the exercise regimen for you.

Corporate fitness training

Mostly corporates fitness training have a gym within their premises itself. While some others may have alliances with gyms and fitness centers nearby. Professional agencies develop custom personal training programs that focus on the unique needs of every employee.