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Carbs In Mead

While the resurgence of Honey Wine (also known as Honey Mead), is fast catching up with wine, let’s not forget about the health benefits and risks of drinking honey mead. Mead, like wine, is an alcoholic beverage and also contains sugars aside from alcohol. Drinking too much can mean taking in alcohol at a higher level and also its calories. In this article, we’ll discuss how one can stay healthy by taking advantage of benefits and avoiding the risks of the carbs in mead. 


Being older than wine, Mead is considered the world’s oldest drink and its discovery date back thousands of years ago in Northern China, way older than beer and wine when it was first fermented. It is known as the “Drink of the Gods”, and was the favourite drink of kings and royalty. 

What is mead?

Essentially, honey mead is brewed by fermenting honey with water. When blending honey with water, it creates a yeast-friendly mixture. And to produce the alcoholic honey mead, yeast is simply added and it consumes the sugars thereby changing the honey and water combination into an alcoholic drink. 

Mead is processed in a variety of ways – still, carbonated, sparkling, sweet, semi-dry, or dry. Often, other ingredients such as fruits, herbs and spices are then added to the final product. Honey mead can vary according to alcohol content and taste. It can taste like beer, wine, or ginger ale. Its alcohol content can range from 3 per cent to 20 per cent alcohol.

How Does Mead Benefit Our Health?

Honey, its main component, is easier for the body to process and you get some of the nutritional benefits of honey as well. It also has natural and antibacterial properties.

While honey wine or mead can be beneficial in a lot of ways, let’s just be mindful of the amount of sugar and calorie per ounce of mead. Per two ounces of mead can have as high or more than 300 calories and 40 grams of carbohydrates. In comparison, two ounces of red wine has 48 calories and only 1.48 of carbohydrates. 

Where can you buy good mead in Australia?

If you’re staying or living in Australia, one of the well-known honey winemakers is Honey Wines Australia. You can buy different honey mead flavours online by visiting their website here.

Bee Sucking Honey in Australia

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